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European course in entrepreneurship for the creative industries

There is a new language and a new way of thinking the creative industries.

The new technologies drive new behaviours by consumers and the new forms of financing through venture capital in response to the lack of subsidies impose new rules for a growing sector that is considered strategic.
To develop successful projects with impact on the market is increasingly dependent on factors that entrepreneurs need to know.
CIAKL is an answer to that need with a European course on entrepreneurship for entrepreneurs and creative people who want to turn their projects into reality.
By participating in the course, you can win one of the CIAKL prizes and get an internship in one of the business partners.

CIAKL award

Best idea, best project, best business
The best projects will be selected from a competition between all the European schools belonging to CIAKL.

The course on Entrepreneurship for the Creative Industries (fields of arts, audiovisual and multimedia) is promoted by five European Schools of Cinema and Media:

  •  Universidade Lusófona (Lisbon, Portugal),
  • SZFE – University of Theatre and film Arts (Budapest, Hungary);
  • Universidad de Vigo (Vigo, Spain),
  • Tallinn University (Tallinn, Estonia)
  • IFS international film school (Cologne, Germany).

Course Objectives

To develop entrepreneurial skills.
To provide students with analytical for the identification of windows of opportunity, creation of concepts related to projects management and problem solving.
Learning tools for research and evaluation of information, data analysis and interpretation.
Development and management of creative and innovation processes in the production of projects; and how to define a sustainable funding strategy using the various available resources.
Production of a business plan for a project.

Course Structure

The course has the duration of two semesters in b-learning.
First semester
The course is theoretical and practical. It comprises 15 classes corresponding to 45 hours and 4 ECTS with the objective of, throughout the semester, turning an idea into a business plan that will compete for one of the CIAKL prizes.

Second semester
Development and implementation of the project created in the previous semester in the internship process in the premises of a partner company corresponding to 4 ECTS.


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