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Ciakl Events
1 2012/2013 Can Campus'12 /'13 Conference Uvigo, Pontevedra P4 (Uvigo)
2 27th February 2012 Dereitos de autor e propiedade intellectual Uvigo, Pontevedra P4 (Uvigo); Juan Carlos Fasero/AGADIC
3 May 2012 AUGAL: Audiovisual Masterclass Uvigo, Pontevedra P4 (Uvigo)
4 25th-26th June 2012 New Skills for New Jobs: Film in a Multiplatform Multimedia Environment SZFE, Budapest P1(ULHT); P3 (SZFE)
5 19th-20th Sept 2012 Interview with potencial participants Uvigo, Pontevedra P4 (Uvigo)
6 19th October 2012 MSGarrafa: "an improvised cultural and intercultural dialogue" Uvigo, Pontevedra P4 (Uvigo)
7 2nd-6th November 2012 Conference/workshop - Story Development and ideas pitching in the film industry IFS, Cologne P1 (ULHT); P5 (IFS)
8 9th November 2012 Narrative Strategies in advergames Uvigo, Pontevedra P4 (Uvigo) ; Teresa de la Hera
9 14th November 2012 Autumn Conferences ULHT, Lisbon P1 (ULHT)
10 15th November 2012 Film production in times of crisis Uvigo, Pontevedra P4 (Uvigo); Sergio Frade/ Frida Films
11 21st November 2012 The audiovisual sector in Galicia and Spain: present and future perspectives Uvigo, Pontevedra P4 (Uvigo); Xosé Arias/CTV
12 26th November 2012 Transmedia Audiovisual Products: narrative and promotion Uvigo, Pontevedra P4 (Uvigo); María Yáñez/ A Navalla Suiza
13 28th November 2012 Making Film in Galicia: Arraianos Uvigo, Pontevedra P4 (Uvigo); Eloy Enciso
14 3rd December 2012 Low-cost communication campaigns in social media Uvigo, Pontevedra P4 (Uvigo); Xabier Martínez Rolán
15 4th December 2012 Strategy and Planification towards local goals regarding socias networks Uvigo, Pontevedra P4 (Uvigo); Patricia Díaz Crecente/ELOGIA
16 10th December 2012 Digital tools to create porfolios and curriculums Uvigo, Pontevedra P4 (Uvigo); Alberto Ariza
17 11th December 2012 Uso e creación de presentación ZEN Uvigo, Pontevedra P4 (Uvigo); Victor Gómez
18 8th Oct 12 - 4th Feb 2013 Video Lessons ULHT, Lisbon P1 (ULHT)
19 4th-5th June 2012 CIAKL Impact Demonstration EC, Brussels P1 (ULHT)
20 23rd Jan/5th&18th Feb 2013 Pre-Pitching Session Uvigo, Pontevedra P4 (Uvigo)
21 23rd April 2013 "Lápiz Azul" Sneak Preview Alvaláxia, Lisbon P1 (ULHT)
22 24th April 2013 "Lápis Azul" Premiere SIC Television, Lisbon P1 (ULHT)
23 24th April 2013 "Lápis Azul" Documentary SIC Notícias TV, Lisbon P1 (ULHT)
24 30th April "Lápis Azul" display and debate Turim Theater P1 (ULHT)
25 26th Feb-5th-12th March 2013 The use of social networks and WEB 2.0 in institutions and public organizations Uvigo, Pontevedra P4 (Uvigo); Sandra Mosquera & Xabier Rolán
26 8th May 2013 Transmedia Conference CCB, Lisbon P1 (ULHT); Special Guest: Rafael Palomar
27 10th-11th May 2013 CineVídeo Expo Lisbon'13 ULHT, Lisbon P1 (ULHT)
28 10th-11th May 2013 Media, Literacy and Citizenship Conference Minho University P1 (ULHT)
29 14th May 2013 e-Vent Tallinn University, Tallinn P6 (TLU)
30 May 2013 Experimental Interaction Design: Summer School Course Tallinn University, Tallinn P6 (TLU)
31 20th-21st May 2013 Lecture: "Production and Directing: situation of the audiovisual market and new market targets in Galicia and Spain" ULHT, Lisbon P1 (ULHT); P4 (Uvigo)
32 11th June 2013 Conference: Paulo Vasile CEO Mediaset Uvigo, Pontevedra P4 (Uvigo); MEDIASET
33 12th June 2013 “Mobile Devices as Strenghteners of Social Interaction: Apps and changes in mobile communication” Canterbury University, UK P1 (ULHT)
34 25th-19th June 2013 "What’s Smart about Smart Technologies?" Drivers and Obstacles to Adoption of Smartphones and SmartTV IAMCR, Dublin P1 (ULHT)
35 10th July 2013 CIAKL Final Conference Tallinn University, Tallinn P1 (ULHT) P5 (IFS) P4 (Uvigo) P3 (SZFE) P6 (TLU); Special Guest: Juliet Edwards (EC)
36 18th-20th July 2013 Crisis versus Creativity: the new challenges in the galician audiovisual sector Uvigo, Pontevedra P4 (Uvigo)
37 21st-26th July 2013 The adoption of mobile Internet: industry and users experience Las Vegas, USA P1 (ULHT)
38 23rd-30th July 2013 Over & Out LX Factory/Turim Theater/S. Jorge Cinema, Lisbon P1 (ULHT)
39 21 September 2013 "Lápiz Azul" SIC Esperança Presentation SIC Television, Lisbon P1 (ULHT)

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